The most powerful giant machines in the world. The engineers went crazy.

Dinosaurs didn’t die, they were resurrected as machines that did the hard work for us. Tell me the machine that destroyed the building is not like a T-Rex. laugh out loud

Can we get some of these machines to Puerto Rico, we need some serious infrastructure to build. It’s like a canal from one side of the island to the other. We need some flood road repairs. Hurricane infrastructure. Erosion on beaches.

Wow . Beautiful . International association of operating engineers/lifting and portable engineers. Turn the world in a big way. Hail Operators.

Machines are olarak Today  mukemmel in All işletim sistemi Types of : Services

Excavators: with: Pliers; Excavator tractors; demolitions; grinding concrete: Remove: irons; Services that: Only Machines Can they: Do?

Excellent  Today ; ben!!! ; Machines Operandosu mu? ; Yuvalar; Servisler mi? ; General  Today.

I have never seen such a sophisticated machine that can drain hava in the oceans of all oceans.