Symphony Of The Seas in dry dock – The largest cruise ship in the world

Symphony Of The Seas, dünyanın en büyük yolcu gemisi STX France & RCL ile kuru havuzda – STN Teams, le plus grand paquebot du monde, avant son départ en cale sèche by drone / Dünyanın en büyük okyanus gemisi

Even for many people in today’s time, this ship is a miracle. I can only imagine what a person from the past would think of this giant.

It’s hard to believe that just two hundred years ago, sailing ships were still the primary means of commercial ocean transportation. Steamships did not really begin to enter commercial service until after 1820. The progress of ship design is astonishing.

An amazing ship. I’ve worked on board and I love Oasis class ships. This year is tough times for the cruise industry and everyone. But we will always come back safer to make our guests smile again. Everyone take care

For those who do not know that the large phallic bulb in the front of the ship displaces the water, there is less drag on the side of the ship while cruising. Simply tapered ships create large waves along the sides that the ship has to fight. The big bulb is specially designed for each ship to cancel the waves.