World Amazing Hay Bale Handling Modern Agriculture Equipment Mega Machines Tractor, Harvester, Truck

Comment : Farm machinery : Hello guys. Nice compilation.

i also have nice compilations on my channel about the world worst drivers caught on camera.

with road crashes and super car driver idiots;D

Comment: Russian farmer : garbage all this haymaking is when a whole day fucking with forks in the back of the machine bales in the heat of degrees under 30 and then

Com: Fischercat : I wonce had my 71 gmc topped off with dad driving witch was fine till he ..

drove under the tree near the barn and removed me and the top two layers of hay bales !!!!!

Com: Livepritt : Increas machines than natural things like nobody care environment.

lot that is bad effect we have to imrove environment and safe planet not all this..

Com: Bratt scot : LMAO is 1:50 my neighbor had a tractor with a stick on it that was ten times faster than that complicated machine.

Back up to the hay bale and run the pipe all the way through, lift the drawbar, and drive away.