The Worlds Most Powerful Chainsaw Stihl MS 881- Our Biggest Sponsor Yet

Comments: Y75You didn’t do bad for your 1st cut with the 880 with a 60″ bar. Be careful the 60inch bar throws chains off very often keep it tight and straight up and down cuts. Horizontal the bar bends and the chain come off.

WweeI’ve done many of these cookies in British Columbia Canada and i would recommend that you use a smaller saw to get it started then move onto the big boy. It will definitely help in securing a nice even straight cut. Keep up the good work.

EeCool to see the big machine in action. Wear some gloves and ear protection unless I didn’t see ear plugs. That must have been a beast to handle but try to use the dogs and get that thing up to speed before trying to bury it into the wood

RrThere is a metal “comb” beside the bar of your saw. This is supposed to be jammed into the bark and used as a fulcrum to bring the tip and center of the bar down. On smaller saws, the same thing is a triangle of plastic in the same area. Using the comb as much as possible, makes things earier on your arms.