US Testing its New Gigantic $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier

The Queen Elizabeth class carriers can carry up to 72 fighter jets. 74 F-35 on order. With another tranche more then likely to be around 138 mark in total.

 You’ll NEVER feel anymore alive than up top on the flight deck of a carrier while doing flight ops. What a freaking blast. Getting shot off one is insane.

keep building keep sailing. between military and social programs we passed the financial limit of what we can afford a long time ago.

With the rapid dispersal of radioactive contaminents as compared to a land strike, I guarantee using nukes at sea is in the playbook of every nuclear armed country. They even have the reasonable rationale that nuclear retaliation would be inappropriate against land targets.

A to be published new book said Trump was fixated on the first-in-class aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford and regularly expressed dissatisfaction with the ship’s high cost of more than $13 billion, the weapons elevators, the catapults, and the placement of the flight command center, known as the ship’s “island,” on the flight deck.

If a fully loaded fighter takes off(full of fuel and munitions), and that fighter has mechanical issues and has to circle back to land, will the catch cables hold that much weight?

I am not proud of US since I saw homeless man looking for food in the trash.Although my country is not a mighty country but still the government subsidised food and give money to its citizens.