Belarusian Sukhoi Su-24 Fighter Configured To Carry Nuclear Weapons

Minsk – The Belarusian Air Force’s Su-24 attack aircraft is configured to carry nuclear weapons. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told reporters on Friday as reported by Ukrainska Pravda (26/8). 

It was explained that some time ago while with Russian President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg, he told Putin that Belarus would reconfigure the Su-24 to be able to carry nuclear weapons.

It added that this effort is a form of concern in which US and NATO aircraft are trained to carry weapons with nuclear warheads.

This, he said, made Belarus uncomfortable. “This is why I ask you to consider counter-response to such matters. Without exaggeration,” said Lukashenko. He did not elaborate on the type of nuclear warhead that would be used in his country’s Su-24 fighter aircraft.

Belarus is a staunch ally of Russia in the war against Ukraine. It is reported that the base is being used by the Russian Air Force to launch attacks against Ukraine.